Briefing template for creative requests

When requesting any creative/art please include the following in an email without including previous conversation threads.

  • Advertiser:
  • Campaign:
  • Specific format:
  • Start date:
  • End date:
  • Briefing, Personalization / Adaptations / Observations to take into account in creativity.
  • Attach material of the piece and / or active download link.

In exceptional cases: if materials that conform to our specifications are not available for a certain format, .psd files of campaign creatives can be sent to be used as a source / reference for a proposal, this is the less ideal case since it implies a longer response time and part approval processing.

We will respond as soon as possible to indicate that the information received is sufficient to include the task in the work queue, or will notify if any additional material or clarification of creative direction is needed.