Important notes

  • The standard response times for creatives are 48 hours, once included in the work queue.
  • The creatives are added to the work queue only when Wemass is provided with ALL the required assets/briefings to deliver the final creative peice.
  • The total weight of any creative (or the sum of its components) or video can not reach 4 megabytes in file size at the time of publication.
  • It is recommended that videos do not exceed 30 seconds in length.


  1. Reception of materials and briefing of creativity.
  2. The materials and the briefing are reviewed as soon as possible.
  3. If any resource or explanation is missing in the briefing, it is notified and the task gets frozen until 100% of the resources required are received.
  4. Once all the resources to make the creativity are provided, the task is added to the work queue.
  5. A proposal is created, a preview is sent to the client for approval.
  6. The client notifies if it requires any adjustment, There will be no more than 3 feedback cycles for any creativity.
  7. Once approved the art is sent to ADOPS for trafficking.


  • The videos can be recoded by wemass to make them reach the required size, this can affect the quality of the video.
  • The images and other elements that make up the creatives can be optimized and / or recompressed by wemass to achieve smaller file sizes.