Expandable Full Skin Video


The video is displayed at the bottom of the skin. If the user clicks on the site header the video becomes 100% full screen. If the user clicks on the sides of the skin, it takes them to the advertiser's landing page. The brand logo is always visible and the backing background appears once the video is finished or in case the user closes the window, in this case there is a play button in the backsplash that allows the user to play the video again.


  • The .zip Contains the .psd templates for mounting the skins on Desktop / Tablet / mobile
  • It should be taken into account that two versions are prepared for desktop (page bodies of 1000px and 1200px)
  • Critical content should be placed in the red areas of the template, the rest are cut-off areas that may or may not appear on the user's screen depending on their screen resolution.
  • Video format: MP4 - HD 1920x1080px - 24fps, recommended file weight: 2mb to 20mb (can be edited to achieve recommended weight)

What to send: Send the .psd prepared according to the attached templates (Send the fonts used when sending .psd files) .mp4 video.

Template download: expandable-full-skin-video.zip