Classic Skin


Background creativity with a fixed layout on Desktop (with the sides always in view) and fixed header on Tablet and Mobile during initial scrolling.


  • The .zip Contains the .psd templates for mounting the skins on Desktop / Tablet / mobile
  • It should be taken into account that two versions are prepared for desktop (page bodies of 1000px and 1200px)
  • Critical content should not be placed outside the red areas of the template, as they are cut-off areas that may or may not appear on the user's screen depending on their screen resolution.

This template is also valid to request animated skins (without video) .psd should always be sent in this case.

What to send: Send preferably the .psd prepared accordingly to the attached templates (it is also possible to send the skins prepared in .jpg, .png or .gif formats as long as they have been prepared according to the templates, even so, we recommend including the .psd) (Send the fonts used when sending .psd files)

Templates download: skin