Intext Custom Spot

The spot video format with an additional visual layer, can be placed in intext positions.


  • A maximum video length of 20 seconds is recommended.
  • Send the video in high resolution or adjust the longest edge of it to 800px long. (The final file will be adjusted by our team as it cannot exceed 4mb in file size)
  • Video must be in one of the supported aspect ratios.
  • An image should be prepared to the size of the canvas with a transparent opening through which the video is displayed.


  • The aspect ratio is defined by the creative image.
  • The video and the creative image do not need to have the same aspect ratio. (You can, for example, make a 4: 3 creative with a 16: 9 video)

Tags accepted:

  • 1x1
  • Vast
  • Vpaid JS

    • CC (ClickCommand)/Redirect

All tags must be SSL only.

Aspect ratios:

  • Horizontal 16: 9
  • Horizontal 4: 3
  • 1: 1 square
  • Vertical 9:16
  • Vertical 3: 4

What to send: .psd Image of the creative with alpha channel / transparency, Video that meets the time and aspect ratio requirements described on this page.

Supported devices:

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile